Friday, December 31, 2004


Anne Zook at Peevish has posted an admitted rant which proves her own case in a most unintended manner.
Anyhow, we got onto the subject of gangs and I was lamenting that no one takes the right track in dealing sensibly with the problem when he chimed in, already snickering because he knew he was about to light my fuse, with a nod and a suggestion of his own. Shoot them all, he said.

I ordered him out of my office forthwith. "Get out of my office," I said.
This is a typical calmly rational leftist response to ideas they reject: ban their proponents to Coventry. Actually he has the germ of a good idea here. How do you win a war against poverty? Simple, burn down all the slums. The Philadelphia police made a stab at this a few years ago, consigning to the flames the headquarters of some obstreperous group, but bleeding hearts denounced them so much that they chickened out from continuing this radical urban renewal. But she goes on with her true confession.
He is a Libertarian and a bit of a wingnut at the same time. He's one of those people who believes that the closer government gets to nothing, the better off we'll all be (never dreaming, of course, that if it weren't for stringent laws about such behavior, I'd push him down the nearest stairwell)....
So there you have it, the very best argument against libertarianism. We have to have a government to protect the oppressed minority of believers in that philosophy against murderous assaults by angry leftists. Strangely, despite the endangered ideological species status of this group, liberals have not called for affirmative action appointments of such folk to institutions and agencies. I'm sure the feeling is mutual, and when the libertarians establish their own utopian anticommunes (no doubt in the asteroids), they won't give immigration subsidies to lefties -- even though those future refugees from our Free Speech Enhancement Force would be harmless in a place where zero-gee means no one can toss you downstairs.

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