Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A leading IVF expert is hoping Victorian state MPs can do for sperm donation what some high profile Australians have done for organ donation. Monash IVF national medical director Gab Kovacs has sent a letter to Victorian state male MPs aged 45 and under, encouraging them to donate sperm. ...

"We hope that if some of the leading role models within our community become donors, others may follow suit."
This story shows that the thinking of doctors in Oz is as upside down as their continent. What we need is to reduce the number of politicians who reproduce. We should rather take the approach of C. Northcote Parkinson, who wrote almost fifty years ago that we should select political leaders by running classified ads which included the line:
Candidates will die for their country, by painless means, on reaching the age of retirement (65).
As a minimal first step we could at least sterilize them, preferably as a requirement before they are allowed to file for their very first office. Perhaps in time we could completely breed out the genetic defect of ambition to be elected.

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