Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I always suspected that she lived in a dream world, but now the Leftist Parodess Regnant has openly confessed it. Mad Kane has started yet another site, presumably with serious intent, where she writes
Republicans feel free to create their own realities, so why can't I? And in my idealized reality, Senator Barbara Boxer is the President of the United States.
The backbone-starved liberal blogalaxy (n!sdnctw!) has been reduced to one-handed posting as they gush over the California Senator's alleged "grilling" of Her Fourth In Lineness. As I recall, throwing out "tough" statements at a televised Congressional hearing has not been a great predictor of Presidential potential. (Arlen Specter comes to mind.) Nor does beginning a political career as a Supervisor in Marvellous Moron County. Just because she was one of the only two on the committee to raise their index finger at the inevitable does not imply she has the stature needed to become the McGovern of 2008, or even the Kucinich.

No, I see this playing out like one of several old movies about other boxers. Not Rocky I-XXIII, but those predictable formula clunkers about someone who fights their way up to a title shot, then gets told by the big boss that the bets have been placed, and they have to throw tonight's bout (sort of like The Ketchup Consort's own campaign last year). Of course, maybe she'll decide to be the heroic martyr and go ahead to win anyway, only to be killed by the double-crossed thug, which will inspire her blind son to become an attorney by day and costumed crimefighter by night, until he falls for an ex-ninja assassin who ...

Oh, wait, that was Daredevil. Well, that comic book was much more realistic than expecting She Who Must Not Be Named to quietly sit by and let some other woman be the first Democratic nominee for President. Those into watching "cat fights" can go help encourage Mad's Improbable Dream at President Boxer. The rest of us will just wait for them to wound each other enough to help pave the way for the third Bush in the White House.

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