Sunday, January 09, 2005


I seldom bother writing to leftist snarkherrins to point out their obvious shortcomings; there are too many more serious threats to establishing Our Noble Lame Duck's Compassionately Reordered World. Some do make the effort, and it is delightful to see one such sniping snarlstress so eruditely eviscerated. No one is more deserving of this most hilarious scourging I've read in years. She has been shameless enough to print the entire epistle on her own site, allowing me to enviously applaud its well-struck ripostes. (My only objection is that he seems to quote from some Biblical translation I have never seen before.) One small but timely excerpt:
And while I know it is very un-Christian of me, I find I cannot suppress a mental image of you and Dorothy Parker and -- Heck, let's make it a threesome! -- Susan Sontag shackled to one another in a scalding hell-pit, shrieking pithy bon mots at one another and blithely debating the relative merits of "spitting" versus "swallowing" as your lips retract like shriveled apple-skins and your dental fillings bubble to vapor and splash against your swollen, blistered tongues. I take no joy in that image, but it is one that I hope you will ponder and reflect upon.
Go enjoy the skillful way he trashes the leftist bouquet of World O'Crap's "s. z." at "True Love Waits and Waits and Waits ...".

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