Friday, January 07, 2005


Senator Barbara Boxer, the lone gunwoman from Californicatia, perfomed her usual version of Hamlet yesterday, forcing Congress to listen to her and other Democrats complain that their party, since the day when Daley and Connally stole the 1960 election for The Clenis's role model of profligacy, has lost its touch. We are all supposed to give them a group hug of sympathy, because the high-tech Republicans have bested them at their old game. Nevertheless, all of them were hasty to point out that they aren't really challenging the election of Our Noble Lame Duck, they are only sharing their pain.

This is why so many voters doubted that the party of the AWOL Ketchup Consort ("Kerry, traveling in the Middle East, has conceded defeat and wasn't even in the Capitol for Thursday's events....") would have had the courage to stand up to the impending WMD's in Iran. Contrast their display of moral cowardice with the people who stayed in sub-zero cold in the Ukraine night after night to force a new election. If the Donkeycrats truly believed this was stolen, they should not only have been shouting from the rooftops but if need be shooting from them. This backbone bankruptcy gives us a clear signal that nothing will stand in our way. They will always act just like a soulless character in a novel they never read:
"Please, Mr. Wynand, let's ... drop it. I don't know what ... I'm supposed to do."

"That's simple. You're supposed to slap my face. ... You were supposed to do that several minutes ago."

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