Tuesday, January 18, 2005


The Koufax Awards for "best lefty bloggers" (thus foolishly disqualifying many potential candidates at the start) has finally posted its ballot for Most Humorous Post of the last year.

I'm not voting myself, not even in the category of Most Humorous Blog, where I was nominated -- though it would be hilarious to see this un-humble and very un-leftist site steal a prize from them, since it might just demoralize their entire awards process from here on -- but I digress.

However, to save the invaluable time of my busy readers, I have nobly volunteered to read ALL of the ridiculously inflated list of sixty-nine entries, just to narrow down the choices for those of you who participate in such silly exercises.

To me, the five runners up were (in alphabetical order by blog name):
And the winner should be, or at least my own pick for least unfunny of all the listed nominees, is:
There, now you can just quickly vote for one of the very best, and get on with the many, many very important things you must have going on in your life if you're reading this now. Your appreciation can be shown by the usual wire transfers to my offshore account.

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