Sunday, February 20, 2005


As noted elsewhere, Kevin Drum has stirred up the usual hornet's nest about under-representation of femmes pixelle on the web. This tempest in a herbal tea pot is missing the really big picture far above the heads of all these busybloggers.

Over at WorldNetDaily they've posted an article quoting "geopolitical expert Jack Wheeler" that "Vice President Dick Cheney likely will step down next year due to health reasons and be replaced by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice". He claims this rumor has been whispered "to most congressional committee chairmen." They also put up a poll asking "What do you think of Condi Rice replacing Cheney as vice president midterm?" At this moment the leading answer, with 41.64%, is "It's a brilliant plan for Republican victory". Likewise, she is currently leading in the poll on my own blog sidebar, getting 46% as the answer to "Who should the Party Of Virtue nominate for President in 2008 to run against She Who Must Not Be Named?" That nameless one is also leading in all the polls of Democrats for their first choice next time.

All these signs indicate that those bothersome "Y" chromosomes are finally going out of political fashion. By the time Mrs. The Clenis has paved the way for her own planned victory parade, with her recent cozying up to abortion opponents and advocates of long Iraqi occupation, she'll find that The Rovinator has already upped the ante with a female incumbent Veep of the colored persuasion. Looks like The Carpetbaggeress missed her political period, and she'll just watch her very base voters slipping away. There will be a new role model on the news to inspire lots of female political bloggers; it just won't be a Democrat.

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