Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Mary Ratcliff is trying to paint Republicans as ethically equivalent to ethnic cleansers in a post about Hotel Rwanda. She cites as an example Grover Norquist's comparison of Democrats to pets that are happy and sedate once they've been fixed -- that is, resigned themselves to their minority status. This is typical liberal alarmism. Systematic slaughter and carefully calculated castration are not the same thing. Grover's quote actually implies that he wants to keep Democrats around, once they've been relieved of the instinctual need to mark their territory. Lefties are just fine in their place, like formerly wild beasts shying away from the metaphorical bars of their virtual cage.

Personally, I object to the Norquistator's mealy-mouthed moderation. He doesn't even have the courage of his convictions about the trivial technique of animal husbandry he advocates. Follow the links. Mary got his quote from Bull Moose, who got it from the Washington Post's "Reliable Source" column, which included more from the misuser of bathtubs:
Norquist assured us that he meant neutered "psychologically" and his metaphor was "facetious." Of course: Let the healing begin.
See how he backs away from his own reasonable idea, from fear of looking "polarizing". What a wimp. Electricity won't flow without a difference in charges, and the same applies to any other kind of power. If you want to move something with as much inertia as a national electorate, you need to polarize with both hands. Why limit the operation to mental indoctrination? Actual surgery has been proven to work with cattle for centuries, and this could provide a new source, free of Mad Cow Disease, of a delicacy for restaurants.

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