Sunday, February 13, 2005


I've written before about how Mad Kane's constant carping at Our Noble Lame Duck has damaged her brain, forcing her to decline from using pop classic songs as models for her parodies, to much simpler folk songs, and then finally to still easier haiku. The deterioration seems to have continued. Now it looks like she is giving up poetry altogether and applying for another job:
...I assumed you had to be an actual journalist. Now that I know otherwise, please consider this my application for White House press credentials. ... I've never been to journalist school, but would be happy to spend a weekend there, if required.
In celebration of her impending departure from the ranks of liberal snipers at the administration, I've decided to post here one more example of the work of another leftist who has abandoned the fight, that guerrilla eco-poet from Tennessee and former candidate, Che Gorevara. He's still doing his Nipponese numbers, in the traditional seventeen syllables about nature:
The Spectre Of Pyongyang:

Red rose petals blow;
Bright contrast on sudden snow.
Nuclear winter.

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