Thursday, February 17, 2005


To liberals, it's always about the oil. That's why they say Our Noble Lame Duck reattacked Iraq, using the virtual WMDs as a mere excuse. That's why they say he has been editing the election outcome there, so that the Iranophile party didn't get an outright majority, and retroactively revised results in Texas (with redistricting), California (with recall), and Venezuela (with the same technique, which failed there because of sissyfied exit polls). This just shows that the left doesn't know how to dig deeply enough to find the truth.

Iraq was really about U.S. domestic politics, and California and Texas were really about electricity profits. Caracas, however, is still held up as an example of petro-politics. Not true. Now Chavez has shown his true colorado, striking at the very shock troops of American globalism. George tried to protect us from this, but he was distracted by liberal carping over the Middle East. Helpless cholesterol-deprived victims of this South American tyranny will now be drooling pathetically for their denied daily delights. From Forbes:
Venezuela's tax agency ordered the three-day closing of all 80 McDonald's restaurants in the country as a penalty for failing to follow tax rules, the state news agency reported. ...

The closing apparently took effect immediately and was to last through the weekend. McDonald's employees were seen standing about and sweeping the walkway outside one closed restaurant in Caracas.

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