Saturday, February 05, 2005


Now and then I check out Technorati or Google just to see who is linking to my site, so that I can add such folk to my permalinks on the sidebar (if I've missed anyone, please email me). Today I spotted another option on Google: "Find web pages that are similar to aynclouter.blogspot.com/". How their computer chose those listed is a complete mystery to me. It's not just having permalinks to similar sites, since I know of several that didn't show up here whose blogrolls have more in common with mine. Three non-blog sites on this list are real puzzles:

Agapepress offers "reliable news from a Christian source". No doubt Google's software decided that described my blog as well. Maybe what we also have in common is my tendency to often post Biblical quotes, but since I frequently do that in French, I doubt that the computer picked up on those.

Catholic Voice is "the publication of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, Australia". I have never visited that continent or even heard of Goulburn. I once credited an Ozblog called "Hot Buttered Death" with finding a story I linked to, but that seems rather obscure. I've also cited similarly a site in Denmark, but the diocese of Copenhagen doesn't show up on this. Is this down-under magazine an Opus Dei supporter, paralleling my references to Scalia? Was it my praise of Mother Teresa's adamantine opposition to fetucide, as part of my call to canonize Bush?

Most unexpected of all on Google's list is the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality, "a member of Positive Alternatives To Homosexuality (PATH) ... organizations that help people with unwanted same-sex attractions to realize their personal goals for change." Now my readers know that I am never an advocate of trying to make "positive changes" in anyone. I vastly prefer the crusading bishop's approach of kill them all and let God find his own. Could the link be my frequent mentions of that modern crusading Senator from Pennsylvania?

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