Wednesday, March 16, 2005


As I've said before, I follow the "Know Your Enemy" approach, and read more leftist blogs than rightys, partly because I already get our own talking points every morning by email (aren't you on the list? sorry, you must have failed the security check), and partly because the illogical knots they tie themselves into are just plain amusing. I do miss our anti-Hamlet all-out invective over there, though, because their usual failure even to fight back, much less take the offensive, is so redolent of low self-esteem that it makes arguing with them seem like dynamiting fish in a barrel (yes, that is a mixed metaphor, intentionally done to be excessive).

I must report that one of them seems to have spilled some jalapeƱos in his pablum. Lately The Rude Pundit has been on a verbal roll. The good thing is that such intense anger won't be able to confine itself to conservatives. Soon we can look forward to his usual liberal circular firing squad tactic of turning on his own, but this time he won't just be throwing spit wads. Of course, he is totally wrong about everything he says, but at least he says it like he means it. Here are a few of his recent gems which I would have been proud to have devised myself, only pointed at very different targets:
If Tom DeLay were your dog, you'd've put that fucker down a long, long time ago. ... Early on, when Tom DeLay was shredding the cushions and gnawing the moulding in your house, you thought if you had him neutered it would calm him down. You thought if you took him to training it might work. Hell, you even tried a choke chain. But some dogs don't give a damn about neutering, training, electric shock, nothing.
Sauerbrey was joined in the U.S. delegation at the UNCSW Conference by Janet Parshall, who hosts a popular conservative Christian radio program, Janet Parshall's America, which promotes a vision of "America" that would make Cotton Mather say, "Man, don't you people have any fuckin' fun?" before giving up the cloth and taking up the moonshine and fuckin' syphilitic whores and lovin' the itchin' 'cause it makes him feel alive.
David Horowitz is a sick, sick fuck, so enthralled at the smell of his own bile-infused vomit that he wants everyone to enjoy the piquant odor, driven so insane by the polar opposition of his youthful liberalism and his older self's fascism that, if it weren't for the Internet and Fox "News," he'd be curled into a ball, shitting himself on a cold bench in Harvard Square, screaming at the trees.
With this kind of venom dispensed daily, I have to think there is hope that this misguided soul can be brought to see the light of righteousness. It is usually much easier to turn a vituperator into a conservative, than it is to turn a typical mush-mouthed liberal into a vituperator.

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