Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Unfortunately, I didn't think of this in time to pass it on to The Rovinator before Gulf Preemption II. Instead of hyping WMDs, all Our Noble Lame Duck had to do was say our invasion was for the purpose of establishing international gun control. This would have assured leftist support. I was inspired to this strategy just today by seeing how his anti-gun fury reduced one lefty blogger to sputtering wordlessness. The provocation was this AP photo caption:
Carey McWilliams, right, who is legally blind, and his wife, Tori, are photographed at their home in Fargo, N.D., Friday, Feb. 25, 2005, in front of the target he used to pass his weapons test.
You can find the picture at turn that shit UP's posting "This Is So Insane I Can't Even Think Of A Caption".

In truth, the publicity over Carey's passing his shooting exam is just about the best deterrent I could imagine to anyone trying to break into their home. An armed householder who can see is dangerous enough to a burglar, but wouldn't you be downright terrified at the thought of a sightless one who knows how to fire a rifle? His warning shots will be at least as likely to hit you as his aimed ones. It's a triumph of self-defense. Obviously this anti-gun blogger isn't familiar with all those movies about Zatôichi.

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