Thursday, March 17, 2005


The Oziacs at Troppo Armadillo (who claim to be "centrists" but admit to naming their blog after a line from Texas populist Jim HIghtower) are understandably concerned about the oppressive Muslim theocratic regime just to their north:
Indonesians will be barred from kissing in public under new laws criticised by human rights groups as draconian. ...

Included in the draft legislation is a 10-year jail sentence and fines of more than $40,000 for "locking lips" in public or dancing erotically. ...

Those spreading Communism or mocking the Government would face 10 years' jail.
So these four offenses will all merit the same period of imprisonment. Uprighteous conservatives might well agree with such strictures for the first three, but the last one is a direct threat to me personally. If I could not mock the government then I might as well just pour honey and peanut butter on my keyboard and hang it outside as a bird feeder. Such gross oppression cannot be tolerated. Does the Cour PĂ©nale Internationale forbid censorship of iconoclasts? If so, maybe Our Noble Lame Duck should reconsider taking part. If the Democrats ever win again, being able to satirize them will be a necessity in self-defense.

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