Thursday, March 17, 2005


The folks at catallaxy caught this Steve Sailer post of a different and better world:
Following once again in the footsteps of Robert S. McNamara, Paul Wolfowitz, having gotten us into a land war in Asia, has now been named by President Bush to head the World Bank. Also, Wolfowitz signed a deal to make a tell-all confessional documentary in 2027 with director Errol Morris to be entitled "The Bog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Paul D. Wolfowitz." ...

In other news, Bush named as Wolfowitz's replacement as #2 man at the Pentagon actor Robert Blake, saying, "We didn't think Baretta would be available, but when you have a chance to hire a man of action who isn't slowed down by petty rules, you've gotta go for it." Also, Bush noted that UN Ambassador nominee John Bolton's replacement as head of arms control at the State Dept. will be Ted Nugent. "He only eats meat he kills himself, so The Nuge obviously has steady control over his firearms," noted Bush.

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