Friday, March 18, 2005


Molly Ivins once wrote that she didn't support gun control because she hated guns, but because she just liked to see knife fights. It looks like she would be very happy in Johannesburg. This Blog Is Full Of Crap spotted this news at "Fighting Crime the 11th Century Way":
Tighter gun ownership laws are pushing South Africans to buy crossbows, spears, swords, knives and pepper sprays to protect themselves from violent crime. ...

Men are buying machetes to fight off hijackers or crossbows to shoot people breaking into their property, while women are more likely to buy a pepper spray, he said.

One customer successfully fought off three hijackers with a machete, slashing one, he said. A beggar had bought a pepper spray so he could fight off those who tried to steal his shoes as he slept on the street.

With some homeowners worried about prosecution if they kill intruders, the crossbow is particularly popular because of its silence and the difficulty of tracing the firer from forensic evidence, he said.
Personally, I have always preferred the sai.

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