Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Democracy seems to be breaking out everywhere else on the planet, even without Urosevich's high-tech methods. Even some liberals have not only thrown in the towel, but gone beyond their teachers in innovative ways to praise the administration's policies. How else could you explain the complete reversal of one leftist blogger, Tim Dunlop of The Road To Surfdom? He now finds justification for preemption even in meteorology:
Check out this weather forecast for Iraq. Notice that it is fine and that it is getting better for the next four days. Can anyone now deny that invasion was the correct thing to do? Why won't liberals just admit they were wrong and give George W. Bush the credit he deserves? Come on, liberals! Get real! It's going to be 74F on Thursday! What are you going to say then, you weiners?!
You can see his chart for Baghdad at "Weather I'm right". Welcome to the winning side, Tim. With this kind of initiative you'll be a star with links from Insty in no time.

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