Wednesday, May 18, 2005


She has returned from her vacation, but her rest doesn't seem to have helped her brain cells, long atrophied by liberal mockery of Our Noble Lame Duck. Mad Kane is still using trivial nursery rhymes as the model for her parodies, but now she's added insult to injury. Her lastest one is based on *ugh* a French model, namely "Alouette", where she urges the Senate to "save the filibuster".

Since she's not only wrong on the issue, but using toddlers' songs from appeasers, I felt the proper response was to go all enfant terrible on her, and use another example to urge the opposite. Hence this ditty, based on "Frere Jacques":
U. S. Senate filibusters
Must end now before Bill
Rehnquist leaves and Al is named as his replacement
As Chief of the high Court.
Take with one ruling from the Veep, and repeat as needed until obstructions disappear.

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