Monday, May 16, 2005


It was easy to find the patsy, the new Oswald to take the blame for last year's version of the Texas two-step. It just took reading through lefty web sites and user groups. Sure enough, there was a Bush-hater and former Texas National Guard type who would know that the memo was accurate, in its content at least. Lure him on with a conspiratorial "leak" so that he would excitedly give it to the media. When they bite, show that it was a fake. What happened? The whole true story of dodging the draft and ducking the pilot medical exam got discredited. Any liberal reporter that fell in the trap and died of radiation exposure would just be gravy. Who knew it would be the kid clomping about in Cronkite's big boots himself? We laughed all the way to the inauguration.

This year's bait-and-switch was quite similar. Sure, our interrogators at Guantanamo flushed pages down the toilets and told prisoners that those leaves came from the Koran. It was as true as that "menstrual blood" we used to humiliate them. Naturally, the caged ones told each other about that. We wanted them to, in order to destroy their morale. Then someone had a brainstorm. Let's let that story leak, with a phony report. When it is discredited, we preclude any serious investigation into any future charges by released prisoners. We also get a bonus, by wounding the reputation of whichever media tool steps into this noose.

Unlike last year, we had a specific target in mind. No, not Newsweek. Who cares about that poor man's Time? We're getting back at one of the two main foes that drove our last Plantagenet from office in 1974. When this riot-driving brouhaha hurts the magazine's sales and ad revenues, it will be that publication's owners that suffer. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and in this case, it's Post toasties. Liberals are so gullible, it's almost no fun setting them up for a fall.

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