Tuesday, May 31, 2005


For more evidence that the falsely-named Democrats are the party opposed to majority rule, look at Our Noble Lame Duck's own home state:
With the threat of a filibuster and crafty maneuvering with Senate rules, Democrats derailed a Republican-led bill to require Texas voters to show photo identification before casting their ballots. ...

Supporters of the voter ID measure say it will root out voter fraud. Opponents have said it will disenfranchise thousands of Texans who do not have identification, especially those who are poor, minorities, elderly, students and disabled.

Those without photo identification would be required to present two other forms of identification, such as a birth certificate, utility bill or concealed handgun license.
There is good news buried in this report of anti-democratic maneuvering. According to the state's own site, a regular driver's license only costs $24.00 for adults. Concealed handgun licenses, shown on another page, are more expensive:
Q: How much will a concealed handgun license cost?
A: For most Texans, the license will cost $140. But for senior citizens or indigent Texans, the cost is only $70.
The authors of the blocked bill would not have included those listed alternative IDs unless they were likely to be widely possessed by possible Texas voters. So the state legislature (or at least most of its Republican membership) believes that many people who don't feel they can afford a driver's license still think that they must have a concealed handgun license, at three to six times the cost. A visit to the Lone Star State will convince you quickly that this is not because public transportation is so readily available that folks see no need to own a car. It does my heart good to know there is at least one place in the union where weapons come first in voter's hearts.

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