Thursday, June 09, 2005


One censored ancient Greek myth is that there were in fact ten muses. The extra one you've never heard of, whose original name has been suppressed all these years, was the Muse of Puns. She was torn to death by mercenary Furies. One other form of humor, however, was completely a human invention:
A related method, sarcasm, was invented a bit earlier than theatrical comedy by Fauxpathicus of Sarcasia, a follower of Pythagoras ... Fauxpathicus complimented Pythagoras on his toga, while simultaneously snorting and rolling his eyes. ...

Sarcasm, like knife-throwing, shouldn't be practiced by those not naturally gifted in it. ... Sarcasm, unskillfully wielded, will cause you to wake up in my kitchen with blood on your face.
This valuable history lesson was pointed out by Apostropher, who didn't notice that the very day before he had cited a perfect example:
CU professor Ward ... Churchill, who was once registered as a Libertarian, told his class in February that there was no real choice between "Republicrats and Democrans." Records show he has not voted since 1992.

"I still identify as a Libertarian," he said last week. "But I'm getting ready to register as a Republican."
Wouldn't it be helpful to spread the news of his newly announced conversion to all of his former lefty friends? We don't want anybody to misunderstand his loyalties.

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