Friday, June 24, 2005


I see that another fine patriotic American has permalinked me. Learned Limb seems to be following in the footsteps of Jesus' General: "Learned Limb is Christ's strongman! Let no man doubt it, lest he be wrestled to the ground and showered with Christ's manly love!" Unfortunately he misses the main point of torture in his post "Sacred Purification of the Flesh". He advocates it as part of "our holy mission to stamp out the Mohemmedian (sic) heresy."

LL, you are falling into the trap of taking words literally. We don't care about the specific beliefs of our enemies; the long "cold war" against communism certainly wasn't against heresy. The Muslims just happen to be a convenient tool to use in stirring up domestic rage and blind loyalty. Fortunately, murderous Muslim terrorists did exist to replace the fading commissars as foes, or else we would have had to demonize someone else. The homicide bombers give us a "two-fer". We get to use them to foster our political agenda, and any of those fanatics we kill are also a net gain for humanity. I'm going to go ahead and permalink you here, LL, but try not to believe all the tales we have to spin for the bread and circus folk.

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