Friday, June 10, 2005


We can thank Gary Cruse for spotting this report that the new Prime Minister of France, following the tradition of Joan of Arc herself, is really a witch:
Philippe Boggio recounts the first meeting eight years ago between M. de Villepin, 51, and the celebrity philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy.

During their conversation, M. de Villepin compared the philosopher and writer to "a Christ without wounds". Levy, now 56, was badly shaken by the comparison, and according to several sources - including his wife - woke that night bleeding from his palms.

After weeks of recurrent bleeding, and unsuccesful treatment in Paris, Milan and London, Levy went to see M. de Villepin a second time, according to the book. M. de Villepin, head of President Chirac's private office at the time, is reported to have said jokingly: "I knew I had powers, and that I am a great African sorcerer, but not to that extent."
Obviously this explains a lot about his performance as French Foreign Minister. Now we know why he supported the evil Saddam against Our Noble Lame Duck. Since the truth is out, he should beware of what finally happened to that Maid of Orleans, in accordance with the rule of Exodus 22:18: Tu ne laisseras point vivre la magicienne. Perhaps he is counting on being able to flee across the channel, since those British secular wimps have decided to appease the dark side:
Satanists, witches and cult members will be protected by controversial new laws banning incitement to religious hatred.

The legislation, which has twice been abandoned in the face of resistance from opposition parties, writers and comedians who argue it threatens free speech, is designed to protect Muslims from extreme prejudice.

But as it launched a fresh attempt to drive the law on to the statute book, the Government said the law would carry a wide-ranging definition of religion. Officials confirmed it could include satanists, pagans and religious sects.

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