Friday, June 10, 2005


Now and then I check out the web to see if anyone new has permalinked to me, thus proving that they deserve a reciprocal place in my sidebar (since my policy is to only permalink to those who do so to me first). The latest one is called ZenYenta, clearly the result of carrying ecumenism way too far. Sure enough, her cultural confusion manifests itself in her politics. She is clearly one of the many leftists who just don't take me seriously.

Exploring her other links for more suspicious sites, I found one I had to check out, called Badtux the Snarky Penguin ("Herring, liberty, and libertarianism in service of truth"). That blogger has gotten even more confused about theology, judging from this rant:
My life has been so much better since I accepted George W. Bush as my personal Lord and Savior and let Him into my heart! I've had my sins washed away in the Blood of the Lamb who died in His place in Vietnam, and have been saved, saved I say!
The total loyalty is commendable, but actual worship of Our Noble Lame Duck does violate one of the Big Ten, so tone it down a notch, freebird.

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