Thursday, June 09, 2005


Tree-huggers are always paranoid about anything synthetic, not because such products have no value, but precisely because they do. Anti-human lefties fear the evidence of achievement by real people, since those with pride of accomplishment are less susceptible to being ruled by their inferiors. This rant is inspired by an overlooked report from one of the twentieth century's worst hells on earth.
According to Dr. Mikhalev, a lot of children living in Chernobyl-affected areas started growing faster in comparison with other children. They have better reactions; their brain activity is more active as well. Such children have a more powerful immune system in comparison with their equals residing in other territories.
So the warnings from the alarmists are just hot air. Playing with atoms makes healthier people, perhaps even -- dare we say it -- mutants. Don't fear the nuclear reaper; your grandchildren may be able to fly or read minds.

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