Thursday, June 09, 2005


A writer in The Boston Globe parses the Dem wanna-bes and misses the point completely. We who support the Spread Of Compulsory Democracy abroad just don't have to care which one of these mealy-mouthed meliorists makes it. They will all lose in 2008, because they are all me-too nebbishes. Want evidence our fix is in with the media already?
Most insiders have concluded that the Democratic finalists are likely to come down to Hillary Rodham Clinton and one or two anti-Hillarys.
That would be the Senator who has supported the war, and the Patriot Act, and who can only claim she would do it all better. That will not motivate real opponents, and so she would bleed support from her left flank.
Delaware Senator Joe Biden, one of the few senior Democrats with heft on defense and foreign policy....
For those who are not fluent in mediaspeak, that means he is also pro-war and occupation. Nothing for us to fear there.
John Edwards ... is not in office, and hence has three years to make speeches and alliances and acquire some foreign policy credentials.
That means he has time to convince the establishment that he still supports the war he voted for, and hasn't become a born-again Deaniac peacenik.
Kerry, older and wiser, will be armed with his formidable list of 2004 donors.
Or at least those who haven't demanded a refund from that fifty million bucks he sat on and had left after the election. Anyway, he's already proven he can't even imitate a mime walking against the wind, much less stand up to attacks on his patriotism. He won't be the McGovern of 2008.
Any of these three, and possible dark horses like Gore (who gives inspired speeches except when he's running), General Wesley Clark, or moderate Indiana Governor Evan Bayh, could emerge as the non-Hillary.
Nothing for us to be afraid of there. The only possible credible voice of opposition, Dean himself, has already sold out and withdrawn from the race to win his new position as Chief Mudslinger and Coffee-fetcher for the "responsible" big-money Dems. With enemies like this, who needs friends? Which explains why Our Noble Lame Duck doesn't worry about dividing his own ranks with polarizing positions in foreign policy. There's no one the opposition is considering who has the guts to make those the issues. The Liberator of Iraq can yawn all the way to his retirement seat on the board of Carlyle.

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