Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I'm afraid the Democrats and their captive media have intimidated Our Noble Lame Duck with their attacks on The Rovinator. Now he's trying so hard to please them that he's appointed a wild-eyed liberal, John G. Roberts Jr., to the Supreme Court. Why do I say that, when he is anti-choice, anti-flag burning, and has voted to uphold military tribunals in Cuba? Because I don't care about such symbolic issues as these. With my love of pure and perfect ideal corporations, I focus directly on the bottom line for business. According to ABC News:
In private practice, Roberts represented 19 states that, along with the federal government, sought to break up Microsoft Corporation.
I don't accept that this was merely aggressive representation of a client. Even attorneys should bear the moral responsibility for the evils their arguments seek to inflict, such as penalizing the collective company which provides the very tools by which we interact each day. All the more so since that firm has proven, in working together with the government of China, that it will happily cooperate in censoring dangerous terroristic concepts. Remember, when monopolies are outlawed, only outlaws will be monopolists.

**Ennearchy = government by nine persons.

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