Thursday, July 14, 2005


(Part One of three.)

You probably believed your public school "history" textbooks, when they told you that the Anti-Masonic Party, those immigrant-bashing Pat Buchanans of the nineteenth century, died out long ago. Apparently their fears are still alive out in Red State America, and with good reason.
Corrections: An Editorial Observer column in The Times on July 4 misidentified the North Carolina official who said that if Muslim witnesses were allowed to swear on the Koran, someone who worshipped brick walls might want to swear on a brick. It was a spokesman for the state Administrative Office of the Courts, not a Guilford County judge.
--New York Times, July 13, 2005.
This has shown new light on what evil those Godless rock and rollers were really about. Here are the secret real lyrics, previously available only to members of the cult, from a hit by one group we'll call "Floyd":
We don't need no Ten Commandments
We don't need no Crucifix
No sky-god icons in the courtroom
Judges, leave your Bible home
Hey! Judges! Leave your Koran home!
All we swear by is a holy Brick from the Wall
All we do is worship sacred Bricks in the Wall
Here is more hidden propaganda for their architectural deity, from the very end of an album-long song by another we'll call "Jethro":
So your Yahweh is not worth an oath;
And your Jesus we dismiss as Goth;
And by Allah to swear we'd be loath:
We say, "Blest as a Brick."
Now the truth comes out. All those musicians' references to getting "stoned" were only euphemisms for walling in devout Judeo-Islamo-Christian monotheists with concrete blocks and the bright red fruit of kilns. Finally they are letting their rocky mask slip. Why now? Is it a coincidence that recent polls show She Who Must Not Be Named far ahead of anyone else as the choice of Democrats for their party's nomination?

Maybe the time has come to show we're onto their game by taking some of their "sacred symbols" and tossing them through the windows of Democratic campaign headquarters across the country. It's time for all three faiths that still worship what these metaphysical masons dismiss as "sky gods" to unite against the greater threat -- those vile "new agers" who bow down instead to man-made idols that have not even the pretense of consciousness, much less divinity.

(Tomorrow, in Part Two: New revelations, from the heretofore-repressed genuine manuscripts of Edgar Allan Poe, of how this cultural war, between those who pray up to the sky and those who prostrate themselves before stone, was predicted by him over a century and a half ago, accurate down to a Senate leader and a nominee for the U.N.)

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