Monday, July 25, 2005

Hundreds of relatives and friends of a Brazilian shot to death in London after being mistaken for a terrorist marched along the cobblestone streets of his hometown Monday, demanding the arrest of the British police who fired the fatal shots. ...

"It's easy for Blair to apologize, but it doesn't mean very much," said Mayor Julio de Souza. "What happened to English justice and England, a place where police patrol unarmed?"
So who's to blame for this man getting shot several times in the back of the head while other officers held him down? The answer, as usual, is liberals.

Specifically in this case, the damage was done by advocates of gun control, who have prevented almost all the British public, and even the usually weaponless bobbies, from learning how to use guns, and equally important, when not to use them. That takes lots of training and becoming familiar with making split-second decisions about life or death.

If the future police had grown up there, as in this country, getting air rifles in elementary school, a .22 in middle school, and a deer rifle in high school, then they'd be familiar enough with their responsibility not to panic faced with an scared unarmed innocent fugitive. If you don't want more questionable shootings by police in the U.K., then repeal their gun laws.

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