Wednesday, August 31, 2005


It's the usual liberal double standard. Various usual suspects, such as The News Blog and Agitprop, are accusing Our Noble Lame Duck of being an "American Nero", who "casually strummed a guitar yesterday while the Gulf Coast states continued to drown." They are illustrating it with this picture:

Well, if they think he's such a lousy administrator and messed up every business he ever ran, then why aren't they counting their blessings that he is leaving the real hard work to the experts who know how? Frankly, I'm always glad when our government goes on vacation because I remember what idle hands mean. As for the complaint about the mythical Roman emperor's fiddling while Rome burned (though the violin was not invented for centuries to come), I refer you to this man using a genuine fiddle, while his fellow lodge members burned crosses on lawns:

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