Saturday, September 10, 2005


How the mighty have fallen. MyDD reports
Two years ago, Instapundit had an audience three times larger than Dailykos. Now, Dailykos is the equal of nearly the entire conservative blogosphere, and five other progressive blogs, Talking Points Memo, Eschaton, Crooks and Liars and AmericaBlog, all have audiences larger than Instapundit, which remains the largest conservative blog in terms of audience size.
Well, if the parade is turning to the left, does the pursuit of page views explain why the Professor of Hehology has been playing up his previous work with the ACLU, or linking to a report on a libertarian web site of a tale originally reported on a socialist web site, about suburban police blocking New Orleans refugees (sorry, that's not politically correct now, so how about calling them the "permanent residence-challenged"?) from fleeing the city. He even raise the spectre of (gasp!) racism in the local law enforcement response. Is Glenndeed trying to reach out to more readers from the port side of the internet? Say it ain't so, Insty! Will he next reach out to outright conspiracy web sites, with tales of FEMA shelters as detention camps?

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