Sunday, September 25, 2005


Does anyone know the process for reporting a newly discovered species? In the midst of Gulf Gloom, I just received this email ("spelling", "spacing", "capitalization" and "punctuation" NOT corrected), which seems to reveal a hitherto unseen variety of uncomprehending misanthropy. Or is the writer not an instance of ESL classes gone to waste, but a genuine illegal extraterrestrial?
It was by accident that I stumbled onto your blog- and now I can't help but comment .

You seem to be laboring under a few misconceptions.

Are you christian? YOu don't sound like a decent one---you sound more like a devil worshiper to me. And a neo-nazi to boot.

Are you republican? You don't sound like a decent one---republicanism is about being elite-and capitalistic in the elite sense only. Survival of the fittest as long as YOUR the fittest-and-all that. Christianity on the other hand is about community and help-thy-neighbot-and all that carp.

So in a sense a christian-republican is nothing more than an oxymoron.

so your a hitler/devil worshipping christian, and a worried-that they're not elitist-elitist. In other words---a hypocrite.

So you and those money-grubbing, save-the-world LIBERAL hypocrites----have A LOT IN COMMON.
That supposed Sultan of Snark, TBogg, has this notice on his sidebar:
Your e-mail may be reprinted sans name and e-mail address. Think about how stupid you want to appear.
That is just typical liberal wimpishness. I, on the other hand, have no mercy at all. Thank you, wenzy@wapda.com, for brightening my day with a classic of cluelessness.

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