Tuesday, October 11, 2005


In a typical burst of leftist outrage over some New Orleans police doing a Rodney King-style arrest with severe prejudice, Kevin Hayden of The American Street rants:
It's never okay for the police to beat an unarmed citizen older than 60. Never. Or does someone have an example of a time when police rightly beat an unarmed senior?
I felt compelled to reply:
Actually, the cops were just low on blood sugar because looters had emptied all the donut shops. It's the "no twinkie" defense. But if you really want an example, one all you liberals probably support, here's one from an unpublished memoir:

The three of us wore our state police uniforms to visit his rancho, in a palm grove on the Pilcomayo, near the Tinfunque wetlands preserve. His guards accepted that we were just there to collect our monthly bribes, and let us into his inner sanctum. With the trust we'd built up over months, we convinced the old man we had vital information from an informer about a spy in his household taking money from the Israelis. He sent his personal servant out to listen to us.

Then we barricaded that thick old door of Spanish oak, and began systematically kicking him to death. "This can't be!" he choked. "We checked to make sure none of you had any Jewish blood!" "That's right," said Esme, "but my father was a Gypsy," and he stomped on the liver-spotted hand. "And mine was Polish," added Nitsky, with a boot to the kidneys. Herr Schicklgruber turned his bloody dying eyes to me with a question. As I crushed his face, I said "Mine was gay."

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