Wednesday, October 26, 2005


(Why not? I'm just as ignorant of the facts as anyone else on the web....)

The big loser when Fitzy finally speaks will be the prosecutor himself. If he indicts Rove, the right will trash him (and I mean serious Swift Boating, not that silly mid-term memory loss that Senator Kay Bailey Hypocrisy tried). If he doesn't indict Rove, the left will condemn him (finally facing reality that there is no Santa Claus). Damned from both sides, and with plenty of reasons from each.

The big winner in this is the new head of the Fed. He's sneaking in while no one is paying any attention at all. Doesn't anyone remember "follow the money"?

But, wait, you say -- I didn't say who gets indicted for what. Right, because it really doesn't matter. When it's all over, no one will go to jail over this. (Someone may later for something that gets uncovered as the trial goes on, but not over the leak or cover-up.) That will be so even if there are no pardons.

This over-hyped circus is just like one of Zaphod Beeblebrox's huge distractions to keep everyone from noticing what the real rulers are doing. It does not cease to amaze me how right and left bloggers complain that the public pays attention only to silly things like missing white women or actress romances when this important crisis is burning. Hogwash. The people know very well how little difference this game makes to their own lives. Wake me when there's something real to worry about.

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