Sunday, November 13, 2005

Unless the Bush administration significantly cuts American troop levels in Iraq next year, the U.S. military's roughly 140,000-strong presence there will become a detriment to America's national security, according to a report released this week. ...

"It has become clear that if we still have 140,000 ground troops in Iraq a year from now, we will destroy the all-volunteer army," said the a report written by the center's Lawrence Korb and Brian Katulis. Korb served as assistant secretary of defense under President Ronald Reagan.
This is actually the unfolding of a clever plan by Our Noble Lame Duck. The experts again fail to see the big picture. Here's a clue: how much did the U.S. government spend on intelligence last year? Why don't you know? Because the intell budget is classified. How much of that goes to contractors, not just the phony front companies that Valerie Plame used as cover, but real corporations? Don't know that either, do you?

Now what if the Army and its brother services just don't have enough volunteers to even guard the borders and embassies, much less reeducate entire foreign cesspools? Will an unflipping Prez sit back and let Monaco conquer undefended Diego Garcia and Costa Rica take over the defenseless Virgin Islands? Of course not. They will include military preparedness in that covert intell budget, and contract out our defense to companies which will no longer be subject to politicians practicing local demagoguery for votes.

Someday all of our defense forces, except for ceremonial token military bands and the like, will be private contractors like Blackwater, but on a much larger scale. The useless Congress can go back to the occasional meetings it began with, which should follow The Clenis's prescription for something else to become safe (for the taxpayers), legal (only as required by the Constitution), and rare -- very rare.

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