Friday, April 06, 2007


Traitorous doubters of Our Noble Lame Duck's GWOT strategy can be reassured by the latest poll results. Taking the truly small-"d" democratic viewpoint that the public at large can best judge how safe they are, we must conclude that it's working fine. When asked "What do you consider the GREATEST threat to the physical safety and security of Americans today?", the people only listed "Terrorist Attacks" in third place at a mere 10.60%, behind even "Illegal Immigration" at 16.71%.

Some of us can take comfort that our educational efforts have not been in vain by noting that the GREATEST threat was found to be, by a whopping 55.40%, those Axioms Of Evil known as "Liberalism" -- just what we've been telling you for years! Positive reinforcement! I am quietly proud.

The full poll results, by American Family News ("Your Latest News from a Christian perspective"), can be found at this page, which was spotted by that doyen of scarf fashionistas, Princess Sparkle Pony's Photo Blog.

(Cross-posted to the American Street, where I am more likely to be these days than here.)

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