Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Once again, the Pyrrhic victory of ideology over poetic sense has been exampled by that Laureatess of the Leftness, Mad Kane herself. Despite my helpful corrective suggestions to her in the past, she continues to write what she believes to be haiku, while ignoring the deeper beauty of the medium. Consider her latest barrage at the only President we have, which she describes as "the real reason George W. Bush vetoed SCHIP". It's at "SCHIP Haiku". Go ahead and read it; I'll wait.


Okay, back now? See how she gets so involved in trying to condemn The Decisionator's Decidiating that she forgets the other important aspects required for haiku beside just 5-7-5 syllable patterns. Let's remember: these are supposed to be about nature or the seasons.

To help her improve her efforts in the future as far as form, I have prepared three separate examples. Notice that I have even offered an innovation which the original Japanese masters don't display -- at least not in translation -- namely, rhymes. Naturally, as far as content, she may still be hampered by her bleeding-hearted liberal mushiness, but I have adoped a properly non-left attitude of laisser manger le g√Ęteau to the same subject:
Ripe green tobacco
About to be taxed still more
Saved by Bush veto

Xmas with no crutch
Tiny Tim no Marxist slave
Bush saved him from such

Beggars may suffer
Sans their flu shots in winter
We keep our coffer

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